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Work life.. pt2

There I was sitting in the military doctors chair, I was seriously shocked.

I had no idea that this even was an issue, I played multiple sports my whole life, was a top long distance runner and one of the fastest short distance runners, nothing could have prepared me for this news... They found a heart murmur..

I was confused and frustrated, after all the training I had done to get this far, now devastated I was told I needed a clearance from a specialist to continue my application, so I went and got one.

After training and studying my butt off for a few months the next intake came up and I returned to continue my application with a clearance for my healthy heart but once again I was shocked as I was now being refused for having an excessive amount of speeding fines.. it was true I was a lead foot.

Once again with my dreams of a military career shattered for now I walked away determined to try again. I needed employment, I put in my resume to the local Tyrepower yard and got employed as a wheel aligner & tyre fitter.

After doing that for a few months I decided to get a security guard license, I was only 17 so my chances of getting work were very slim but I was set on this job. I passed the West Australian Security and Crowd control courses and got my licence. I did above average on the course so the teacher put me in contact with a company that put me to work straight away.

At first I was a security guard for a cinema and shopping center, then I was stationed on building sites and at the occasional house party but because I was only 17, I couldn't work in clubs or pubs yet.

I started to dream of other careers that would make a difference, while reading a book called "Jumping Fire" written by Murray Taylor I realised I could mix one of my childhood dreams and also a new found passion, skydiving...

I wanted to become an American Smokejumper. (A elite forestry firefighter that jumps from a plane to gain access to forest fires in inaccessible areas)..

I was on a new mission, to get my sky diving ticket and move to California...

a new journey was about to begin.

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