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Work Life.

I was 21 when I started my fencing business and it took five years to become known well enough that I didn't need to advertise regularly, most of my work was either repeat customers or referrals (word of mouth). Digging trenches wasn't a glamorous life but if its true what they say "hard work is good for the soul", then my soul must sparkle.

I was no stranger to hard work. Growing up on a farm there was lots to keep me busy and with a father who ran an earth moving business, I was introduced to a shovel at a very young age. I often worked onsite with my old man. He was on the bobcat and I was on the shovel, blisters were common but my hands toughened quickly.

My Dad loved to golf with his workers at the end of the week and sometimes I tagged along. One day, he spoke with the owners and got me my first job cleaning golf carts and picking up golf balls on the driving range. I used to love driving the carts around.

Getting a taste for work in the real world and earning something other than an allowance felt great so I left school at 15 and got a job working in the kitchen at McDonalds for around a year. I had a blast working with the crew and you know what, I still know how to make a mean Bacon & Egg McMuffin.

I saved up lots of cash doing split shifts and overtime so I decided to take the summer off and bought a Panel Van as I just got my licence.

I went surfing everyday, moving up and down the WA coast searching for the best secret spot. I slept in my van and made many great memories.

Being a P plater in a beat up old "shaggin waggin", it was cop bait. I always had a yellow sticker and was constantly fixing things to keep it on the road but it was my first car and I loved it.

Obviously, the money ran out so I tried roof tiling for a few months and soon wanted to move onto a different job but this time start a career that would make a difference in the world so I decided to join the army. I filled out all the paperwork and started the application process.

I passed the aptitude, psychological and physical tests but when I got to the medical, I found out some shocking news that may change my life forever.. be continued

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